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We all know just how expensive adult life can be, from council tax to heating bills, it adds up and up, until suddenly, your monthly salary a mere memory.

But, one mum has left everyone questioning how much is too much, after confessing her monthly outgoings tot up to an eyewatering £5,000, and that’s before she’s even stocked up on food or put petrol in the car.

Taking to Mumsnet to get a gauge on whether her monthly expenditure for a family of four was anywhere near normal or just downright silly.

“Now I know over £5,000 a month is ridiculous but is it normal? I’m not going to list it all out here as it would be outing but I can’t work out how/what to reduce,” she wrote.

“This doesn’t even include food/petrol/eating out – just direct debits – but does include mortgage (£1600), phones, insurance for car, house, pets, critical illness, life insurance and savings £350.”

The mum went on to say she was researching on how to get her family’s monthly costs down, but first wanted to know whether other families were spending anywhere near the same amount on bills.

She asked: “Is this a normal amount for a house of four to be paying each month or have we lost the plot?”

While everyone’s financial situation is different, the vast majority of people commented to say that £5,000 is generally not a normal amount to be spending on bills, with average monthly wage being well below half of that amount.

“Your outgoings after your mortgage are £3,400 and that doesn’t included food or petrol,” a Mumsnet user commented in disbelief. “What the f*** are you actually doing with all the money, are you using £10 notes as toilet paper? That’s a bloody mad monthly spend.”

Another added: “No. It’s not normal. A lot of families don’t even earn half that amount!”

“You’ve completely lost the plot,” a third wrote. “How does it not include food and petrol?!”

After probing from other users, the mum later broke down her costs, which included £31 on pet Insurance, £43 on car insurance, £50 on house Insurance, £400 on car finance, £42 a month to the milkman, £65 a month on fruit and veg boxes, £90 on three separate phone contracts, £300 on credit card bills, £350 into the savings account and £300 savings towards holidays.

The family also spends £16 on Netflix, £10 on Spotify, £53 on their landline and internet, £70 on Sky, £13 on their TV licence, £300 towards work related subscriptions, £200 on gas and electric, £200 a month on council tax, £60 on water, £45 on gift subscriptions, £8 on Audible, £340 on critical illness and life insurance cover, and around £100 a month on lunch money and trips for the kids at school.

Yep, that’s a lot of cash.