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A mum who allows her daughter to swear as much as she likes has revealed why.

Writing for Cafe Mom, Alissa said that in her house, her daughter is able to curse as much as she likes without being reprimanded.

As an educational professional Alissa says she generally tends not to swear out of habit, but her husband regularly drops f-bombs.

Because of this, their daughter has picked up on some of the words – which she says they are “totally OK with.”

She said: “As parents who believe in doing our best to model the behavior we expect out of our children, it would be hypocritical to hold our child to a standard that neither of us adheres to.”

Allowing her daughter to say these words freely, instead of labelling them “adult words”, teaches her daughter that “words have power.”

“By allowing swearing without penalty, our daughter understands the value of a spirited ‘s!’ and the cathartic feeling that a well-placed ‘f!’ can bring,” she said.

The mum believes that removing the negative energy attached to swearing early on, makes children better equipped to make distinctions between the words, using them for the right reason, rather than to insult or degrade someone, which serves no purpose.

She added: “When our daughter inevitably encounters words that truly are unacceptable, for example, racial slurs and other derogatory terms, we take comfort knowing that her pre-existing knowledge of the impact that words can have will help her to understand more specifically why those kinds of words truly have no place being spoken.

“Rather than just designating impermissible words as ‘bad,’ or ‘things we don’t say,’ her social acuity will continue to be reinforced through awareness and understanding.”